Cllr. Liona O'Toole at Teenage Space Ballwall Griffeen Park

Teenage Space

November 18, 2023

The ball wall and extended Teenage space at Griffeen Park came about as part of the 300K Have Your Say public vote. I attended all the workshops leading up to the voting period and proposed the idea of the ball ball. I was delighted to see it selected as one of the winning projects, which was awarded 100K towards its realization. It is truly gratifying to witness the success of the Teen Ball Wall project in Griffeen park. This outdoor ball wall and associated facilities is the first of its kind in our county, allowing members of the public to have access to a sportsĀ  ball wall.

Since my election in 2014, I have dedicated my time to implementing teen facilities, and the results have been remarkable. From the introduction of the ball wall to additional equipment such as mini basketball courts, outdoor goal posts, calisthenics, seating, benches, swings, and even a wind-up speaker for music, our efforts have significantly improved the recreational experience for teenagers in the community.

The upcoming addition of more facilities, including the first coffee dock with toilet facilities, is poised to further transform the area into what is becoming known as the Griffeen Sports Hub. I have also submitted a motion recently for the provision of outdoor chess boards and seating. I thoroughly enjoy contributing to the creation of vibrant and engaging recreational spaces for teenagers in our community! Since the inception of planning Teen Spaces in our parks, I am delighted that my requests to allocate funds specifically for ‘teenagers’ in our annual budget have been successful. Initially set at 500K, this budget has now been increased to 650K for the 2024 budget.