Womens Safety Event Adamstown Youth & Community Centre

Womens Safety Event Adamstown Youth & Community Centre

November 18, 2023

I initiated a Women’s Safety Event held at the Adamstown Youth & Community Centre.

As we entered the winter months, bringing darker mornings and evenings, and being an avid runner and walker, as well as a part of a running group, I recognized the need to unite women through a ‘safety talk for women running and walking during the dark periods.’ With the support of our local GardaĆ­, the community centre, and a guest speaker from a local Taekwondo club, we organized our first safety talk.

The event was well-attended by women in our area, who received a presentation from local community GardaĆ­ Ann and Doangh, offering helpful slides and videos on the importance of being well-lit. Leigh Ann, a 4th Degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Douglas Taekwondo Schools, provided an informative talk on self-defence. The collaboration of everyone involved, including Gemma, the manager of Adamstown Youth and Community Centre, made this event possible.

The positive response to the event has led to requests for further talks, especially one tailored for teenagers. The success of this initiative highlights the importance of community collaboration in addressing safety concerns.