Lucan Swimming Pool

November 8, 2022

Lucan has not received it’s far share of sports and community facilities over the last 30 years despite major development in the area and the lack of a swimming pool symbolises the facility deficit more than anything else.

Together with my community alliance colleagues I have and will continue to work hard to ensure that Lucan gets it’s fair share of facilities and hopefully including a centre with swimming pool.

I have supported the community led, public campaign “Lucan Swimming Pool Campaign” founded by Helen Farrell which has been collecting signatures directly and online via facebook. If you wish to sign the petition online please go to

I have raised a number of motions in relation to the provision of a Swimming Pool for Lucan since my election to the council including a motion to include a Lucan Swimming within the County Development Plan.

Joint Motion Cllr. Liona O’Toole, Cllr. Paul Gogarty, Cllr. Gus O’Connell
 That this council agrees to build the swimming pool for Lucan within Griffeen Park adjacent to the existing community centre which is in the heart of Lucan and on the RPA preferred rapid transport route.

Following discussions and debate with council management in the chamber, the following was agreed as the adopted motion.

SLO Swimming Pool Location -To provide a swimming pool for Lucan on a new Sports and Leisure Centre campus at Griffeen; alternative locations to be sought as part of an extensive public consultation process but with Griffeen identified as the default site.

A swimming pool for Lucan has now been included within the draft County Development Plan. This is a very significant development for Lucan as it puts a focus on a pool for Lucan and if adopted in the final development plan will become a target for implementation for the County Council within the next 5 years.

The campaign for a Pool for Lucan has made National Media by way of a report on the RTE Morning Ireland Radio Programme. It highlights the benefits of a pool and the fact that Lucan has been neglected compared to other parts of the country. In my contribution I confirmed the significance of the inclusion of a Pool for Lucan in the County Development plan and that we must now increase our efforts in seeking funding.

The Podcast can be played below

RTE Morning Ireland Pool for Lucan Podcast

Together with my colleagues in the Community Alliance we will continue to press for a Pool at Council level and lobby at National level for funding. Below are some of the motions in relation to a Lucan Pool which I raised during my first year in the council.

This is my motion, which was passed, asking the council management write to the Minister requesting that the provision of a pool for Lucan is prioritised

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
MOTION: Councillor L. O’Toole

“That this Council writes to Minister Donohue, Department of Transport Tourism and Sports requesting that the provision of a swimming pool for Lucan is prioritised and funded through a sports capital grant or a Swimming Pool Grant Scheme similar to the scheme which was used to build swimming pools nationally. The Minister should be reminded of the very young and growing population in Lucan and the lack of recreational facilities within Lucan compared to other parts of Dublin and the country.”

If the motion is passed the terms of the motion will be forwarded to the Minister and, when received, a copy of the reply will be circulated to the Members.

I also raised a motion asking the council to examine alternative sources of funding including public/private arrangements.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MOTION: Councillor L. O’Toole

“That the Chief Executive advertise and seek expressions of interest in the design, construction and operation of a public swimming pool for Lucan through a public/private partnership arrangement. As capital funding is currently very limited all options for funding a swimming pool and sport facility should be explored and examined.”