Lucan Newsletter 20/1/2018

September 21, 2023

Cllr. Liona O’Toole – Independent


Lucan Swimming Pool: I welcome the news that the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport have reopened the Swimming Pool Program which will give South Dublin County Council an opportunity to apply for funding for the Lucan Pool. I have recently raised another motion in the County Development plan requesting the location of the pool to be confirmed. My motion proposes the development of a Sports Hub in Griffeen Park including the new Pool/Sport Centre and existing facilities.

Lucan Community College: The Department of Education has approved a change to the LCC extension which now allows for the Project to proceed. As a member of the Dublin and Dun laoghaire Education Training Board and LCC Board, and as a parent, I shall be monitoring progress to ensure that there are no blockages to progress on this much needed extension.