Lucan Newsletter 18/10/2015

September 21, 2023

Cllr. Liona O’Toole – Independent

Lucan Swimming Pool: I have worked with my Community Alliance colleagues Guss and Paul as part of the council controlling Progessive Alliance grouping to ensure that a fund of €400,000 from a budget surplus from last year has been assigned for the pre-design and tender preparation of the Lucan Pool. This is a very significant step forward. I continue to work with the members of Lobby for Public Swimming Pool Lucan and my community alliance colleagues.
My motion to formally invite the Minister for Sport to visit Lucan was passed at our Area committee.
Sports Capital Grants: Lucan Harriers has been awarded a €200,000 Sports Capital Grant. I assisted Lucan Harriers and other sports clubs with their grant applications. My motion to have a national standard athletics track within Lucan is now on the draft Count Development Plan for South Dublin County Council.