Palmerstown Bee Hive

September 21, 2023

Establishment of Bee Hive. I ensured that the provision of an apiary(Bee Hive) was included within the county Development plan in 2016. A member of the public had proposed an Apiary in Waterstone Park during the County development public consultation however the Council management did not include an apiary in the next draft of the plan. Following my motion, the Apiary was finally included in the County development plan. I contacted the Bee Keepers Association to identify potential Bee Keepers who could help manage the hive. Once a bee keeper was identified, I facilitated a series of meetings between the bee keeper and the Parks department to ensure that the Apiary became a reality. Following months of preparation the Bee hive was established in April 2017. An alternative more suitable location was identified off Mill Lane rather than with Waterstone Park.  The first honey produced was available in limited numbers in August 2017. The Apiary is a continued success and I am currently progressing an apiary in another location within Lucan.