Lucan Newsletter 22/5/2016

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Cllr. Liona O’Toole Independent


County Development Plan: After submitting many motions, and reading through over a thousand pages of submissions/recommendations the Development Plan has now been agreed and passed. Well done to the various groups for their input.

Multi Use Games Areas: I have tabled a motion for this week’s meeting seeking an update on my previous approved motion for the provision of Multi Use Games Areas(basketball/football), which can be built in areas where there is a high footfall of young people.

Lucan Remembers 1916: I have been working with the following groups, Lucan Harriers/Westside Stage School/Lucan Gospel Choir/Lucan Sarsfield over the last year to help organise a Lucan Community Family event to commemorate 1916.                                                                                                                Programme of Events include “Battle of the Parishes” a “Once of 1916 stage performance” a “Special National Anthem performance” and “Athletics” of all sorts!!!                                                                                                                           On Sunday 29 May @ Lucan Sarsfield GAA 1-6pm