Lucan Newsletter 4/10/2015

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Cllr. Liona O’Toole – Independent
Lucan Harriers/Weston Hockey Clubhouse: Following my motion the council have decided to install lighting in the car park of the clubhouse hopefully by 2016. I had expressed concerns about this busy car park and that we had a very serious health & safety issue due to the lack of lighting. In the interim they have agreed to pin back the trees on the Newcastle road allowing light from the street lights into the carpark. This should also help reduce anti-social behaviour.
Swimming Pool for Lucan: At this week’s council meeting my motion co-signed by Paul Gogarty and Guss O’Connell, calling on the council to invite Minister Pascal O’Donoghue to meet with our councillors and members of “Lobby for a Pool for Lucan” was passed. This will provide an opportunity to highlight this issue and agree a way forward with the Minister for Sport.