Lucan Newsletter 22/9/2015

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Cllr. Liona O’Toole – Independent
County Development Plan 2016-2022: Submission deadline has passed, myself and my Lucan community alliance colleagues Paul Gogarty and Guss O’Connell will work together as a team in the best interest of Lucan and Palmerstown during the reviews of submissions and final draft of the county development plan. Many thanks to the groups and individuals I have been assisting and working with to make their submissions.
Local Property Tax: I voted for the max 15% reduction of Local Property Tax, I respect Paul Gogarty belief that we shouldn’t reduce property tax. I found the comments about Paul’s stance by Fine Gael in the media disingenuous considering Fine Gael have imposed these property tax in the first place. The public did have an opportunity to express their opinion on the Local Property tax however a total of 4 submission were received throughout the whole county.