Lucan Newsletter 10/5/2015

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Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Liona O’Toole – Independent



Bin Survey: I conducted a survey on the bins in Lucan and Palmerstown which I presented to the Lucan area committee members. The report highlights the inadequate bins in the area and it led to discussions with management and their agreement that they will look into this further and make improvements. It was received positively by council management.

Recently bins have been installed at Bus stop, Esker Road & Griffeen Park, Newcastle Road.

Survey is available on


Pedestrian Crossing: I have requested that the council management examine the crossing on Esker Road from Arthur Griffith estate across the road into the Griffeen Park with a view to installing a pelican crossing which will facilitate the connection of the two Griffeen parks via pelican crossing also facilitating school going children. The council will consider this location for examination in 2016.